Crater Lake & Diamond Lake

Just a 90-minute drive from Roseburg, the breathtaking Crater Lake is, at 1,949 feet, the deepest lake in America. The beautiful, intense-blue lake was formed 7,700 years ago by the eruption and collapse of Mt. Mazama. Because it is filled almost entirely by snowfall, Crater Lake is one of the clearest lakes in the world. The national park offers a multitude of recreational opportunities, from hiking and fishing to overnight lodging in the beautiful, historic Crater Lake Lodge.

Located just five miles from Crater Lake, Diamond Lake is a favorite, year-round destination for fishers, boaters, backpackers, mountain bikers, campers and those just looking for a relaxing getaway. It’s an easy day trip from Roseburg or, with more than 90 guest lodging facilities, it can accommodate longer stays as well.

Crater Lake National Park
Diamond Lake Resort

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